Jaisalmer haveli

Places to visit in Jaisalmer in 3 days

Jaisalmer once stood at the crossroads of ancient trade routes, and flourished as a prosperous city in medieval times. Vintage charm and ethnic beauty are all that remains of those days, and can still be seen in many tourist spots in and near Jaisalmer. It’s not only royalty of those times that’s on display in Jaisalmer, but there is the untamed wilderness of the Thar Desert, and the rustic charm of its hamlets and its tribal folk. Let’s see which places we can see in Jaisalmer in 3 days. Continue reading “Places to visit in Jaisalmer in 3 days”

Approaching a complex journey, and deciding how to share it…

From Old Author

There is no right or wrong when it comes to embarking on a project like this. For ten years adventures (and the stories generated by them) starting out as a hobby (or an urge) and slowly they became my living, my lifestyle and a core part of my being.

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But until now I haven’t travelled anywhere so complex. Softly tackling controversial issues like gun control in the States always attracted me especially when travelling in the South, but compared to this area of the Middle East gun control in the States is a black and white issue.

Here, there is grey everywhere. Or, if you’re in the West Bank, Zones A, B and C.

Leon and I agreed from the off that this was a chance to show a different side to the Middle East. A human story, unravelling as we walked. A chance for individuals and families to tell their stories far removed from the news headlines and stereotypes often pushed by global media and a chance for us to perhaps gain a little understanding of what happens (and is felt) on the ground.

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The Beginning

From Old Author

We wake at 5.15am. We only went to sleep at 1. There’s very little light in our room, which is fine by me – I’d happily stay asleep in the darkness forever. I have to remind myself: that’s an unhelpful attitude. This should be exciting! I bang my head on the low bathroom door of the hotel room and swear loudly. It’s day one of my journey on the masar, and my first word is an expletive. Continue reading “The Beginning”