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The below privacy policies are for all the real human users, who have landed at Walk The Masar blog, either directly or via any other referral site. Please read the below policies to make that your your privacy is 100% protected at

  • Walk the Masar, is a private blog run by Aceline Dion from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • The topic or pages or posts or content, mentioned at Walk the Masar is on tourism facts on various tourist cities.
  • These facts are not created by us, rather then shared at Walk the Masar. Thus if you feel that any point mentioned at Walk the Masar is incorrect, then mail us to correct that.
  • All the images posted at Walk the Masar are 3rd party images, and thus the owner of the image can tell us to remove their images, along with some proof. And once we are 100% sure that the image posted at Walk the Masar is a copyright image, then we will remove it.
  • Walk the Masar do share links to other websites, but we make sure that those websites are related to tourism in Asia, or other travel sites which have good content on topics, which we have chosen to share content on Walk the Masar.
  • At Walk the Masar, we have comment section, below our written posts, and that section asks for name, email and a link to the person identity. We at Walk the Masar, assure that your email data will not be shared by any third party. Here 1st party are us and the person sharing email in comment section is the 2nd party.

The above privacy policies are just a few which we have figured out and we will add more here as we get more experience on how to run a travel blog.