Plan a trip for Jaisalmer from Jaipur

For any tourist traveling in Rajasthan, going to Jaisalmer is like going to a desert world, where there are barren sands, forts and palaces.

Here sand dunes glow under the sun’s rays with a golden hue. Forts and houses are built of yellow colored sandstone, and evenings bring out the true beauty of these monuments, when they appear to be painted with a golden paint. Jaisalmer, truly is the Golden City of Rajasthan, and one of the top tourist destinations of Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer is located in the middle of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, and is very close to the Indo-Pak border. Tourists want to experience the beauty of the Thar Desert when they go to Jaisalmer, and visit its havelis and forts.

There are other things to see, but there is nothing like the giant fortress of Jaisalmer, a World Heritage Site & one of the biggest forts of India.

Jaisalmer is also the best places to see the desert culture and nomadic tribes that have been living here since ages. Desert Festival of Jaisalmer is the best time to experience the culture of Jaisalmer.

From Jaipur to Jaisalmer

Jaipur to Jaisalmer map

From Jaipur, you can go on an exciting trip to Jaisalmer, and see Rajasthan at its most colorful. Travel information is given below, and you will find details like best things to do in Jaisalmer, best Jaisalmer restaurants, hotels in Jaisalmer for every budget, places to see in Jaisalmer and more.

How to reach Jaisalmer from Jaipur?

Traveling by train and road is the best way to travel from Jaipur to Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer does not have a fully functional airport, so flights are practically absent. You have the following ways to travel from Jaipur to Jaisalmer.

  • By road: Jaisalmer is 559 km from Jaipur, and traveling by road will take 11-12 hours to reach Jaisalmer from Jaipur.
  • By train: You can board the Delhi Jaisalmer Express (14659) that passes through Jaipur and goes to Jaisalmer. There are other trains like 15014 Ranikhet Express, 14659 Runicha Express, 12468 Leelan SF Express that will pass Jaipur and reach Jaisalmer.
  • By flight: There is only one flight from Jaipur to Jaisalmer and that is Spice Jet SG-2981. There are no other flights to go to Jaisalmer. You can take flights to Jodhpur, and then travel by road or train to Jaisalmer.

What’s to see in Jaisalmer?

Jaisalmer fort Rajasthan

Rawal Jaisal founded Jaisalmer more than 800 years ago in 1156 AD. Jaisalmer is the best place to experience the Thar Desert and its desert landscapes. There are magnificent forts, palaces, temples and other things to see in Jaisalmer, and major ones are listed below:

  • Jaisalmer Fort
  • Gadisar Lake
  • Patwon ki Haveli
  • Nathmal ki Haveli
  • Salim Singh ki Haveli
  • Sam Sand Dunes
  • Kuldhara Village
  • Khaba Fort
  • Amar Sagar Lake
  • Vyas Chhatri
  • Bada Bagh
  • Khuri Sand Dunes
  • Tanot Mata Temple
  • Lodhruva Jain Temples
  • Jaisalmer War Museum
  • Longewala War Memorial
  • Desert National Park
  • Akal Wood Fossil Park
  • The Thar Heritage Museum
  • Desert Culture Centre and Museum

Where to eat in Jaisalmer?

restaurant jaisalmer

There are restaurants in Jaisalmer where you can dine in luxury, and enjoy traditional Rajasthani hospitality. You will not only enjoy Rajasthani delights, but also enjoy cuisines form the world over, like Tibetan, Italian, Mediterranean, Asian, and of course, North Indian. Some of the best restaurants to visit in Jaisalmer are:

  • Jaisal Italy
  • The Trio
  • Cafe The Kaku
  • Restaurant Romany
  • Pakwan Restaurant
  • The Jaisal Treat
  • Desert Boy’s Dhani
  • Gaji’s Restaurant
  • Free Tibet
  • Milan Restaurant
  • Killa Restaurant
  • Zoya ka Zayeka

There are small street-side eateries too in Jaisalmer, where you can enjoy traditional Rajasthani foods like Pyaaz Kachori, Dal Baati Choorma, Makhania Lassi, Ker Sangri, Gatte ki Sabzi and more. You can taste Bhang, a local drink made from Cannibis, in various forms like bhang lassi, bhang cookies. Some local places to enjoy mouth-watering foods are:

  • Kanchan Shree Ice Cream
  • Killa Restaurant
  • Dhanraj Ranmal Bhatia Sweets
  • Bhang Shop
  • Shree Jodhpur Sweets
  • Chandan Shree Restaurant

Best hotels in Jaisalmer as per your budget

Suryagarh Jaisalmer hotel

If there are magnificent luxury hotels and resorts in Jaisalmer, then you will also find budget hotels, hostels, home stays, that will not be too hard on your purse. So here are some hotels in every budget in Jaisalmer:

  • Budget Hotels: Hotel Royal Haveli, Hotel Shahi Palace
  • Star Rated Hotels: Hotel Victoria, The Gulaal
  • Luxury Hotels: Suryagarh, Fort Rajwada
  • Hostels: Swan Hostel Jaisalmer, Kavi’s Hostel

Some must do activities in Jaisalmer

sam sand dunes Jaisalmer

Though Jaisalmer is in the heart of the Thar Desert, the sand dunes are a perfect place to do a number of activities. In the city of Jaisalmer itself, you can enjoy a walk in the bazaars, or roam the winding lanes of Jaisalmer Fort. There are vintage havelis to visit, and museums to explore the treasures of bygone era of Jaisalmer. Some of the best activities you can do in Jaisalmer are given under:

  • Camel Rides/Safari in Sam Sand Dunes/Khuri Sand Dunes
  • Dune Bashing/Jeep Safari in Sam Sand Dunes
  • Desert Camping/Star Gazing/Folk Dances in Sam Sand Dunes
  • Boating in Gadisar Lake
  • Jaisalmer Village Safari
  • Parasailing/Paramotoring/Quad Biking in Sam Sand Dunes
  • Puppet Show at Desert Cultural Centre & Museum
  • Jaisalmer Heritage Walk/Food Walk
  • Participate in Jaisalmer Desert Festival (only in February)

What’s the best time to visit Jaisalmer from Jaipur?

The months from September to March are best to visit Jaisalmer. You will be able to go sightseeing in the city, and take part in a number of adventurous activities in Sam Sand Dunes too. Evenings can be cool, and at night, temperatures can dip to single digits. Avoid hot summer months at all costs, as the sands become too hot to walk on and there is the danger of getting sunstrokes/heat strokes. Early mornings and late afternoons are best for sightseeing.

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