We have made it- the top of Mount Sinai, and the end of my 1500km journey on foot through the Middle East!

What an experience it's been. A heartfelt thanks to you all for following and encouraging me- I feel extremely privileged to have seen this part of the world in such an immersive way. I came here with a working theory that most people are good. This trip has reinforced that no end. This is one of the most maligned parts of our world, yet in reality I've found it to be perhaps the friendliest, kindest and -yes- peaceful places to spend time. It's not perfect- of course not. There are lots of things to disagree with here. The key though is that on a human level, it's filled with people who share the same values as anywhere else- people looking to work hard, have fun and co-exist happily. I can't overstate this enough.

Keep an eye for more blogging, more pictures, more films and eventually also a book to come out of this too. There are many stories from here that remain untold...

Thanks again - for now, from the roof of Egypt, over and out!