He’s off! As strange as the feeling is to see Leon hit the Masar once more, this time without his annoying little English friend in tow, I’m so excited for him.

Now my strict 1000-mile rules have departed and the landscape (not geographically) has changed because of the unforeseen delay in this journey, Leon has decided to start in Um Qais in northern Jordan, just to see a little more of the country. In a couple of days he’ll be wandering right past the spot where my foot decided that it didn’t want to work anymore, and from then onwards he’ll be covering new ground. 

For the time being Leon will be alone or travelling with locals guides from The Jordan Trail, although we’re lining up some potential walking partners for future sections of the journey so he doesn’t get lonely. 

For now, stay tuned to Leon’s Facebook page and Instagram for updates as he starts his walk south.