Happy New Year, all! We've had a slight change in plans over the last couple of weeks. Inevitably that means there is bad news, and good news...

The bad news is that Dave has been diagnosed with a stress fracture in his left foot. He'd had some pain for about a week- eventually it increased enough in intensity that we jumped in a car to the nearest big city (Amman) to get it checked out. The orders were to rest up completely for three-four weeks, with no weight on the foot at all.

Rather obviously, that's not an ideal prognosis for someone on a walking journey! However, there's room for optimism here too if we look at it in the right way.

Firstly, it has happened over Christmas and New Year! For us, that's a big deal. What better time to be ordered to take a comfy seat and enjoy lots of the fine things in life (my foot is thankfully un-fractured, but in solidarity with Dave I have also spent some time on the sofa eating cakes.) Secondly- it could have been worse. Three weeks feels like a long time, but it's a heck of a lot shorter of a recovery time than a proper break would have required.

Finally- it's a really unique chance for us to reflect on the first leg of our journey. These type of trips are so immersive, which is the beauty of them, but sometimes they become so all-encompassing that the joys of each stage get lost in an attempt to appreciate or understand the whole. Dave and I have been presented with the gift of time to process our first month on the masar- to share more stories from the trail, and to think about how best to approach the next section.

So that's it! We'll continue to publish our thoughts and findings from nearly 200 miles of walking, and at some point towards the end of this month we'll lace up our boots again for the next stage of the trip (starting from exactly where we stopped before, of course!)

Thanks all, sincerely, from Dave and I - it's been a joy to have so many of you following and engaging with our walk. Please continue to do so - we love having the company and support..



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