The Masar


Fancy a walk through history whilst experiencing the beautiful present moment?

Is your interest piqued by two weeks of extraordinary, ever-changing scenery on time-worn biblical tracks?

Edge invites you to join us and our guest expedition leader – adventurer and film maker Leon McCarron – for twelve of the most eye-opening and heart-warming days of glorious walking you may ever experience.

This is a very rare opportunity to truly experience the lives of everyday people in this part of the world -not being halter-led in coaches from one air conditioned hotel to another, but staying in family home stays to enjoy the wonderful, humbling hospitality of the Palestinian people.

Expect a warm welcome at every turn, rocky mountains, desert gorges, dead seas, surprising oases, ancient hammams, the oldest inhabited cities on earth, vibrant local culture and the deep connection to place and people that comes when you walk through lands on your own two feet. It’s going to be magnificent.

You won’t find this destination in many tour brochures, and that’s just how we like our expeditions to be. Our guide, the indefatigable Leon McCarron, is a well known writer, film maker and adventurer with some fairly hardcore expedition credentials behind him.  We can’t think of a more enthusiastic, knowledgeable and genial host for this trip and we are delighted to be working with Leon.

As Leon himself says “of all the expeditions I’ve done, the Masar has been the most instantly inspiring“.

Sound like manna from heaven? Read on to see how you can hit the trail with Leon and Edge Expeditions in late 2016


West Bank

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