About Us

Walk the Mansar is a travel blog on Asian tourist sites, which is maintained by Aceline Dion. Aceline is a digital nomad, and has assisted many travel bloggers, travel firms in maintaining online presence for blogs, travel sites etc.

The goal behind to start this travel blog site is to share more content on tourism in Asia. Thus, we only welcome content that is on Asian countries like India, China, Jordan, East Asia and Middle East. To share your post here, you need to drop a mail at reachme@walkthemasar.com and we will reply back, maximum in one week.

We have shared a terms and condition page, where you will find all the details on how to pitch a content to us. Currently we required content on below cities:

  1. Jordan tourism
  2. Guide on Middle east tourism
  3. Golden Triangle India (Delhi, Jaipur & Agra)
  4. Rajasthan tourism
  5. Hill Stations in India

If you can share articles of the above topics, along with minimum one authentic picture, then head to our Terms and condition page. And reach us at reachme@walkthemasar.com