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Get the latest Travel Bulletin on tourism sectors of India, middle-east, Thailand along with Guides on Airports, City Sightseeing and a list of tourism companies that you can contact to plan your next Holiday. At “Walk the Masar” we share travel blogs, written by travel writers who either have explored the cities for which they are writing or they work in travel agencies from where they sell tour packages for the cities, in which they have expertise. Our goal is tio create local insights for you, so that you feel more safe while planning your next voyage.

Must visit countries for this year

1. India


Famous for its palaces, forts, temples and a mixture of every religion that can be found on earth, India is a heave for travellers that loves to explore new things. In India, the must visit state in Rajasthan, which is one of three western states of India.

2. Jordan

Jordan Asia

For history lovers, Jordan is a must visit country, which welcomes you will amazing tourist attractions like archaeological city of Petra, that is now a part of new Seven wonders of the world.

3. Egypt


Egypt, rated as one of the oldest civilization of the world, the country is famous for its Pyramids, especially the Pyramid of Giza, Nile river and many historical cites like Alexandria.

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Jaipur Rajasthan

View our Guide on Rajasthan Airports, sharing light on every details which a travellers is seeking to visit Rajasthan & then booking a tickets for domestic airports of this popular India tourist state.

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